Sally's Story

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Sally's Story

I met Sally when I was visiting a shelter with donations. She was in a cage below a cute little puppy. She was cute too but she was not a puppy. She was 3 years old and extra skinny. She looked scared. She was laying on a little pink blanket and had a little bone right next to her. Atleast she didn't have to lay on the hard cage bottom especially since she was so skinny.

My mom opened the cage and we started talking to Sally. She came over slowly and her tail was between her legs. Then...she started to wag her tail a little bit. We noticed that around her neck she had hair missing from an old collar that was left on her neck even after her neck grew out of it. It made me sad to think of how Sally must have had to live at her old home.

We asked a shelter volunteer how long Sally was at the shelter and she told us that she came in 4 days ago. She was rescued from another shelter in a southern state that kills the animals if they are not adopted in 3 days. In that state it is legal to shoot the animals and that's what they do.

There was a man and his wife looking at the puppy above Sally's cage and then they heard us all talking about Sally so they started looking at her too. Sally was wagging her tail ALOT! She liked both of them. They started visiting with her and took her for a walk. Then they brought their dog in to meet Sally. They were both the same color, light brown. The man and his wife filled out all the adoption papers and they were picking out a nice new collar and leash for Sally. Sally was going home!

Blankets Fur Beasties was started to help make homeless pets like Sally more comfortable and a little less afraid while they are in the shelters waiting for their new family to come and take them home. Seeing Sally makes me know we are doing the right thing and we will keep on doing it!