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Dec. 14, 2014. Thank you to I Love Cats magazine ( and writer Joyce White for this story on Blankets Fur Beasties in their Fall 2014 issue.


Thank you, ANIMAL TALES magazine, for including Blankets Fur Beasties in your October 2014 issue (on news stands August 11th). The article talks about me helping to sponsor Urgent dogs at the City of Cleveland kennel too.


Apr.6, 2014. Thank you CLUBHOUSE magazine for including me and Blankets Fur Beasties in your March 2014 issue. And thanks to Dr. Margaret Albertson for interviewing me and writing the story.


Thank you FIDO FRIENDLY magazine for including me and Blankets Fur Beasties in your Winter 2014 issue! (see me on page 82)


Me with the newest book by award winning author and animal advocate Rob Laidlaw. I am so happy that he thought enough of Blankets Fur Beasties to include me in his book. Cat Champions: Caring For Our Feline Friends. It's available in Canada now, and will be out in the United States in March or April.


Thank you Dog Fancy magazine for including me in your December 2013 issue!


Thank you Fetch magazine for including me in your summer 2013 issue, and writer Colleen Terry for interviewing me. (June 11, 2013)


Thank you to Cesar Milan's magazine, CESAR'S WAY, for making me a Rescue Star in their August 2013 issue.


Thank you to Sun newspapers and Samantha Laros for the story about me and Blankets Fur Beasties. (May 30, 2013)


Thank you to Our Community Voice newspaper for including Blankets Fur Beasties in your Jan/Feb 2013 issue!


Thank you to Mimi Vanderhaven for letting me update your readers, in your March 22, 2012 issue, on what I've been doing with Blankets Fur Beasties and for including a picture of my dogs JAXON and RIO that my family adopted from 2 local shelters last year.


Thank you News Sun for writing about Blankets Fur Beasties in your January 13, 2011 issue. Thank you also to Shine Brightly magazine for having me in your February 2011 issue of your magazine and spreading the word about my charity!


Thanks to the following publications for writing about Blankets Fur Beasties and helping me to get lots of donations: Mimi Vanderhaven Feb. 4, 2010...The Cleveland Plain Dealer May 28, 2010...Parma Sun Post July 1, 2010...The Cleveland Canine Sept/Oct 2010.


Thank you to The News Sun for featuring Blankets Fur Beasties in their July 23, 2009 newspaper! And thank you to the National Examiner for including me in their October 12, 2009 issue of their magazine!