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2015 Photo Gallery
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Jan. 17, 2015. Me with some donations I'm taking to Berea Animal Rescue Fund's Soup-R-Bowl fundraiser.


Jan. 17, 2015. I'm all ready to go to the Soup-R-Bowl fundraiser.


Jan. 17, 2015. Me with a very nice volunteer and June, who is a very nice dog that is available for adoption through Berea Animal Rescue Fund. June is doing well on her diet she's been put on.


Jan. 17, 2015. I'm happy my grandma felt well enough to come to the Soup-R-Bowl with us. Cheers to the shelter animals!


Jan. 17, 2015. This sweet girl is Daisy. She just completed her heartworm treatment, and is available for adoption through Berea Animal Rescue Fund.


Feb. 12, 2015. Me with some donations for Tails From The City


Feb. 12, 2015. Me with Michelle and Deuce. Michelle is the executive director of Tails From The City. And Deuce is a very cute and sweet cat.


Feb. 12, 2015. Cleopatra lives in the FIV room at Tails From The City. I had a lot of fun hanging out in the FIV room with the residents.


Feb. 12, 2015. You can contact Tails From The City for any information about them or their cats at


March 26, 2015. Me with some donations for Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


March 26, 2015. Jaxon wanted to pose by the donations because they are going to the shelter that he lived at for 3 weeks before we adopted him in 2011.


March 26, 2015. Me visiting with a cute and nice girl named Brinna at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. I hope she finds a great home.


March 26, 2015. This nice pit bull is named Nepal. He is waiting for his forever home, and currently living at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


March 26, 2015. This beautiful girl is named Fauna. She's patiently waiting for some nice person to take her home with them. She's at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Our foster kittens are going back to their shelter today. We had them for one month. They're a little shy at first, but after a few days, they did really well at our house. They purr alot. They meow for their canned food in the morning and at night. They like to chase after bouncing ping-pong balls too. They're about 4 1/2 months old now. I hope this brother and sister find great homes real soon!


June 8, 2015. Me with some donations for the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


June 8, 2015. Getting ready to take some donations to the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


June 8, 2015. Me visiting some cats, that are looking for great homes, at the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


June 8, 2015. This cute dog is one of many dogs that are currently at the Northeast Ohio SPCA. They all would like a nice home.


June 10, 2015. Foster kitten, Butterscotch, sitting with some donations for the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. All packed up and ready to go to the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. Visiting the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. Me with April and Lisa, who work at the APL.


June 10, 2015. Bun Bun is a super cute rabbit who is waiting for a new family at the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. I stopped a nice dog walker and asked him if Fayetteville would pose for a picture with me. Fayetteville is looking for a nice home, and can be found at the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. Cute Carmen is 6 years old, and she's waiting patiently for a person who will love her forever. She's at the Cleveland APL.


June 10, 2015. Have you seen any of these lost animals?


Our foster cat family we had from Apr.-June 2015


June 27, 2015. Me getting ready to go to the Birthday Pawlooza at Stay-a-While cat shelter


June 27, 2015. This is Patches from Stay-a-While cat shelter.


June 27, 2015. This is Bandini from Stay-A-While cat shelter.


June 27, 2015. My grandma petting Aria at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


June 27, 2015 Me visiting Santa Paws at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


I got inspired to do a special donation for our military working dogs. I contacted, and I'm going to be donating this to one of our canine heroes. Go to the site if you'd like to learn more about how you can help too


July 16, 2015. Me with donations for the City of Cleveland Kennel.


July 16, 2015. All packed up and ready to go to the City of Cleveland Kennel.


July 16, 2015


July 16, 2015. The City of Cleveland Kennel.


July 16, 2015. I was able to say Hi to Freddie while a volunteer had him outside for a walk. He's available for adoption at the City of Cleveland Kennel.


9.14.15. Me with some donations for Stay-A-While cat shelter.


9.14.15. Ready to go visit Stay-A-While cat shelter.


9.14.15. Visiting with Domino at Stay-A-While cat shelter. He's still waiting for a great person or family to adopt him.


9.14.15. Holding one of Sugar's babies at Stay-A-while cat shelter. This baby is 15 days old.


Sept. 23, 2015. Little Joe posing with donations for Tails From the City.


Sept. 23, 2015. All packed up and ready to go to Tails From The City


Sept. 23, 2015. A community cat sitting on the porch at Tails From The City. Notice his tipped left ear to identify that he's been neutered. You can meet adoptable Tails From The City cats at PetSmarts in Parma, Macedonia, Willoughby and University Heights


Nov. 4, 2015. Me with some donations, and our chair sponsorship, for Herps Alive (


Nov. 4, 2015


Nov. 4, 2015. Outside the Herps Alive shelter.


Nov. 4, 2015. Tu-Tu is a 13 year old African Spurred Tortoise who is at the Herps Alive shelter.


Nov. 4, 2015. Another resident at the Herps Alive shelter. Medusa.


Nov. 4, 2015. Me with Keith Gisser. He's the Executive Director of Herps Alive, and he knows so much about reptiles!


Nov. 4, 2015. An iguana at Herps Alive. Mu Shu.


Dec. 7, 2015. Our little elf fell asleep while posing with donations for Parma Animal Shelter.


Dec. 7, 2015. Donations are all ready to go to Parma Animal Shelter. And also our cage sponsorship. We are sponsoring a dog cage at the shelter.


Dec. 7, 2015. Check out Parma Animal Shelter if you're looking to adopt a cat or kitten (or dog), and bring home a new friend in time for the holidays.

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