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2014 Photo Gallery
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Jan. 18, 2014. Thank you to Gayle and CeCe from The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery for sending me these awesome catnip bags and nice dog blanket. I love the shirt too!


Jan. 18, 2014. Jaxon is posing with some of the items The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery had made for us with our logo on them. Thanks so much!


Jan 18, 2014. Thanks to The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery for having this cool hoodie and beanie made for me. I'm going to wear the hoodie on my first shelter visit of the year, coming up real soon.


Jan. 20, 2014. Here I am happy to be getting ready to do my first shelter donation visit of the year. This stuff is going to the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


Jan. 20, 2014. Blankets Fur Beasties makes donations in all kinds of weather. Shelter animals can always use help.


Jan. 20, 2014. This very pretty girl is a Redbone Coonhound named Scarlett. She is waiting for someone nice to come and adopt her. She's very friendly. She's at the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


Jan. 20, 2014. Here is another friendly older girl that's waiting for a great home. She's at the Northeast Ohio SPCA, and it looks like she's trying to read the front of my hoodie!


Jan. 20, 2014. This precious hound mix girl named Betty is looking for a hero to come rescue her and make her dreams come true. She's at the Northeast Ohio SPCA.


Jan. 20, 2014. Choose to save a life. Adopt a shelter pet!


Feb. 16, 2014. I made a special donation to Stay-A-While cat shelter when I found out about one of their newest kittens. He was found dumped in an outside bathroom at a gas station on a very cold night. He has an ulcerated eye that has to be removed. I donated what I could (along with this cute Manuel Volmer card) to help with Leeland's medical bills.


Feb. 16, 2014. And here is the precious kitten named Leeland. He's my new friend. If you would like to help with Leeland's medical bills, you can write to and tell them you would like to help. They will tell you how. He is supposed to have surgery March 7th. Feel free to share Leeland's story with your friends too.


Feb. 18, 2014. Another snow day means extra time to shop for some shelter animals. Thank you Merrick Pet Foods!


Mar. 11, 2014. Me with a donation for Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Mar.11, 2014. This cat's name is Sammy. I think he's wondering why there's a dog on my shirt instead of a cat. He's at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Mar.11, 2014. Me playing with Calypso at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Mar.11, 2014. I had so much fun filming for the CBS Sunday Morning show at Stay-A-While cat shelter, and visiting all the cats.


Mar.11, 2014. This very nice cat is named Howler. He's at Stay-A-While cat shelter, and he's waiting for his tv interview.


Mar.11, 2014. Filming for the tv show at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Mar.11, 2014. Thanks Aunt Cindy and Grandma.


Apr.4, 2014. Thank you to some of my new out of state friends, I was able to do some shopping for the shelter animals. Thank you Penny, Yvonne, Elizabeth and Terry! You Rock!


Apr.5, 2014. Some donations for the City of Cleveland Kennel.


Apr.5, 2014. This friendly and cute young dog is in cage1, and doesn't have glowing eyes in real life.


Apr.5, 2014. Yes, the kennel is old and kind of dark in there. I can't wait till they build the new one!


Apr.5, 2014. There were a few little dogs at the kennel today. All of them were very cute.


Apr.5, 2014. This dog was so cute, and very friendly when she (or he?) woke up.


Apr.5, 2014. More cute dogs at the City of Cleveland kennel. You can adopt some dogs from here or you can be a foster parent for a rescue that saves dogs from the kennel.


Apr.5, 2014. This picture is kind of dark, but this was such a friendly and playful boy, I just wanted to show him to everybody. At the City of Cleveland kennel.


May 18, 2014. Me with donations for The Cat Crossing (


May 18, 2014. Hanging out with some new friends at The Cat Crossing. I love this place! They have a shelter and they also feed some cat colonies in Cleveland.


May 18, 2014. This cute cat decided to pose by some of our donations.


May 18, 2014. I spent a lot of my visit rocking Mini Pearl in the rocking chair. She is so cute! She was found at the marina all by herself last month.


May 22, 2014. Me with donations for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


May 22, 2014. Look how cute this girl is with her underbite. She's at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


May 22, 2014. This cool guy is Damon. He's in cage #7 at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. He had his front leg removed back in March because it was so severely injured. And they think he might have been used as a bait dog.


May 22, 2014. Me talking to Damon at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


May 22, 2014. This cute puppy is named Flash. He will be up for adoption after May 25th if his original family doesn't claim him.


May 22, 2014. This very friendly senior (age 8) pitbull girl is named Skylee. She's looking for a great new family to take her home.


May 22, 2014. I hung out and talked with Deputy Larry Galvin for a while and he told me a lot of stuff about the shelter and the dogs too. Thanks Deputy Galvin!


June 22, 2014. Here is a special donation I'm sending to White Oak Animal Rescue in Florida. A teenage girl started this all on her own. Please go to their facebook page to learn more. Facebook link


May 1, 2014. I'm mailing out a special donation to my farm animal friends at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio. I saw on their website wish list that they like ginger snaps and can also use sleeping bags for their arthritic residents. (


June 12, 2014. My present for the Birthday Pawlooza at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


June 14, 2014. Before the Birthday Pawlooza started.


June 14, 2014. This picture is so funny. Mitts just wants that birthday cupcake! I'm happy my grandma was able to do a shelter visit with me. She has cancer and hasn't been able to do a visit in a long time!


June 14, 2014. Me and my grandma having some birthday food at the Birthday Pawlooza!


June 14, 2014. My grandma meeting this great cat named Santa Paws! He is still waiting for a great person or family to adopt him. Here he is at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


(July 9, 2014) My visit with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project ( this morning.


(July 9, 2014) My visit with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project ( this morning.


(July 9, 2014) My visit with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project ( this morning.


(July 9, 2014) My visit with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project ( this morning.


(July 9, 2014) My visit with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project ( this morning.


July 25, 2014. Me with donations going to the City of Cleveland Kennel for their Christmas in July donation drive.


July 26, 2014. Getting ready to go to the City of Cleveland Kennel.


July 26, 2014. Great idea. Don't shop! Adopt!


July 26, 2014. Here I am at the City of Cleveland Kennel visiting with Cinnabon. She's not only pretty, but very friendly too! I hope she finds her forever home soon.


July 26, 2014. Did anyone lose their friend recently? This cutie pie is at the City of Cleveland Kennel. I hope somebody comes looking for her (or him).


July 26, 2014. This cute little girl is named Moon Pie. She deserves a great home. She's very friendly!


July 26, 2014. This is why Blankets Fur Beasties exists. There are so many that need our help! This poor little dog is at the City of Cleveland Kennel.


July 26, 2014. This is Dopey. He's at the City of Cleveland kennel. And, no, he's not dopey. His eyes don't really glow either. I hope he finds a great home soon!


Aug. 14, 2014. Me with some donations for Must Love Muttz rescue.


Aug. 14, 2014. Gettting ready to go visit with Must Love Muttz rescue, and to meet Bam-Bam.


Aug. 14, 2014. Me visiting with Sausage at Must Love Muttz rescue. Sausage is part pit bull and part toy fox terrier (I'm pretty sure). Some guy was trying to create a designer breed and bred Sausage's tiny little mom with a pit bull.


Aug. 14, 2014. Me with Tiffany Kaczor and Bam-Bam. Tiffany is the president of Must Love Muttz rescue ( She is fostering Bam-Bam so he can be treated for heartworm.


Aug. 14, 2014. Bam-Bam trying out his new Kiranda bed I brought for him. It's a size 2X and fits him perfectly!


Aug. 14, 2014. Me with my new friend Bam-Bam!


Aug. 14, 2014. Another picture of me and Bam-Bam.


Aug. 28, 2014. Jaxon with donations for Pawsibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron ( for all the rodents and bunnies they rescued this week.


Aug.28, 2014. All packed up and ready to go to Pawsibilities with the donations.


Aug. 28, 2014. My first time donating to this shelter. It's located in Twinsburg, Ohio. I really loved that they had either Kuranda beds or blankets in the dog cages along with a toy or 2. And the cats had toys and either beds of hammocks in their cages. Great work, Pawsibilities, in thinking of comfort for your animals.


Aug. 28, 2014. Visiting with some of the dogs. (Their eyes don't glow in real life.)


Aug. 28, 2014. Me visiting with some of the guinea pigs and bunnies that are part of the recent cruelty case. If anyone is looking to adopt a cute little rodent or rabbit or guinea pig, they have a bunch here, as soon as they are cleared for adoption (adults and cute little baby ones too!)


Aug. 28, 2014. Me visiting with a cute and friendly Labrador girl who is about 7-8 years old at Pawsibilities Humane Society.


Aug. 28, 2014. The cat and kitten room at Pawsibilities Humane Society.


Oct. 5, 2014. Here I am with some donations for Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Oct. 5, 2014. Me visiting with Gia in the Shy Room at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Oct. 5, 2014. This cute older kitten is Larry. He's in Wilson's Room at Stay-A-While cat shelter. He's friendly, and waiting for someone nice to come and adopt him.


Oct. 5, 2014. Here's Snickers! He's a very friendly kitten that's in Wilson's Room at Stay-A-While cat shelter. He's also waiting for someone great to adopt him.


Oct. 5, 2014. A friendly little kitten in the Kitten Room at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


April Clark, from the Cleveland APL, stopped over tonight to pick up the autographed Robin Williams photo that will be in the auction at their Fur Ball in November. For more information about the Fur Ball, click on this link.


Oct. 29, 2014. Jaxon helping to get donations ready for One of A Kind Pet Rescue ( in Akron. We've never been there before.


Oct. 29, 2014. Rio posing with the donations that are all packed up and ready to be delivered.


Oct. 29, 2014. A big dog sculpture that's in the parking lot of One Of A Kind Pet Rescue.


Oct. 29, 2014. Me outside of One Of A Kind Pet Rescue.


Oct. 29, 2014. These cats are so cute! Look at the one smelling my hair. They are at One Of A Kind Pet Rescue


Oct. 29, 2014. Me visiting with a very cute and friendly dog named Lady. She's 7 years old and is also a breast cancer survivor. She is living at One Of A Kind Pet Rescue until a great person or family comes to adopt her.


Oct. 29, 2014. This cat room is really cool! It has a winding staircase that people and the cats can walk up and down. Come see it, and the cats, at One Of A Kind Pet Rescue.


Oct. 29, 2014. This cat is posing for a picture. How cute!


Oct. 29, 2014. You can shop for gifts and pet supplies at One Of A Kind Pet Rescue too!


Dec. 20, 2014 Me getting ready to put Anika's stocking together. I sponsored Anika for Christmas through the Siberian Husky Emergency Lifeline rescue.


Dec. 20, 2014. Me with Anika. She's a really nice dog.


Dec. 20, 2014. Anika wasn't really interested in posing for pictures. She liked the snow better. smile emoticon


Dec. 20, 2014. Anika is available for adoption through


Add your Dec. 27, 2014. Me with some donations for Stay-a-While cat shelter.


Dec. 27, 2014. My sponsored cat Savannah with her room mate Wendy behind her at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Dec. 27, 2014. I'm sponsoring this sweet cat named Savannah for the year 2015 from Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Dec. 27, 2014. Me visiting with Frosty at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Dec. 28, 2014. I think the cats like the new bowls I donated to them at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Dec. 27, 2014. Randy lives at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


Dec. 27, 2014. This sweet little girl named Ruby is available for adoption at Stay-A-While cat shelter.

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