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2013 Photo Gallery
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Our first shelter donation in 2013. These supplies are for the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

(Jan. 13, 2013)


Me visiting a cute cat at the Northeast Ohio SPCA. When generous people like you donate supplies, shelters are able to make their animals' stay as comfortable as possible while they wait to be adopted. Look at the nice bed this cat is resting on.

(Jan. 13, 2013)


Buddy playing with a tennis ball we donated to the shelter. Come see him at the Northeast Ohio SPCA!

(Jan. 13, 2013)


All these boxes are donations from Nylabone.

(Jan. 29, 2013)


Thank you Nylabone for sending all these dog and cat toys. The shelter animals will love these!
(Jan. 29, 2013)


Blankets Fur Beasties donated these autographed celebrity books, cd's and movies to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary for their ART BARN fundraiser that will be on March 9, 2013. All the money raised will go towards taking care of their animals.

(Feb. 10, 2013)


Here is me with Laurie Jackson. She is the Special Projects Coordinator at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary.

(Feb. 10, 2013)



Here is a newsletter from Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary. To find out all the great work they do to help abused and neglected farm animals, go to their website, I can't wait to go on my tour there!


Me getting donations ready for the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

(Mar.10, 2013)


At the Northeast Ohio SPCA. You can also ask them about low cost spay and neuter of your pets.
(Mar.10, 2013)


Iggy is a great young dog who is part Mountain Cur. He's available for adoption at the Northeast Ohio SPCA.
(Mar.10, 2013)


Stay-A-While Cat Shelter is a great place. It's a whole house just for homeless cats and kittens. I have never donated here before. I have to see how Blankets Fur Beasties can help them.

(Mar.10, 2013)


Blankets Fur Beasties is 4 years old now! Thank you Jeff Cherni for making this really cute cake.
(Mar. 18, 2013)


Me and my friend Iris November with some of the bunch of blankets she donated. (
(Mar. 29, 2013)


Here I am with the first installment check for my grant for Blankets Fur Beasties. Thank you to The Pollination Project ( for believing in Blankets Fur Beasties' mission and wanting to help.


These boxes are all donations from a great company called Ace Cat Furniture. (
(Apr. 17, 2013)


Thank you Ace Cat Furniture for all this stuff you donated! Also for the big cat tree too.

(Apr.18, 2013)


Thank you to Jeff Cherni for making this cool cat tree for Blankets Fur Beasties to donate to a cat shelter.

(Apr.18, 2013)


Me with donations for Stay-A-While cat shelter.
(Apr. 20, 2013)


A cat at Stay-A-While cat shelter. Mostly all of the cats here do not stay in cages.
(Apr. 20, 2013)


Me visiting with Mits at Stay-A-While cat shelter.
(Apr. 20, 2013)


Thank you Coastal Pet Products for sending these donations to help the shelter animals!

(May 2, 2013)


Samantha Laros interviewed me for The News Sun about Blankets Fur Beasties and my grant from The Pollination Project.
(May 14, 2013)


Me with donations for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. This donation is in honor of my grandma's dog, Cheyenne, who passed away 2 weeks ago.
(May 17, 2013)


Jaxon helping to get donations ready for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. That's the same shelter we adopted him from.
(May 17, 2013)


At the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter visiting a cute Beagle-mix girl. All the cages at the shelter were full.
(May, 17, 2013)


This girl is in Cage 16 (tag 22) at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. She is so friendly and cute. See her Kuranda bed? You can go to Then click on DONATE A BED. You can buy a bed and have it shipped to your favorite shelter for their animals to use. Alot of shelters use these beds.
(May 17, 2013)


A nice German Shepherd at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. You can find purebred dogs at shelters. At this shelter visit alone I saw 2 German Shepherds, 1 Rottweiler, 3 Pit Bulls and 1 Giant Schnauzer.
(May 17, 2013)


Me with some donations for the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

(May 31. 2013.)


Getting ready to take some stuff to the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

(May, 13, 2013)


Me outside of the Northeast Ohio SPCA. I'm glad I brought some dog food.

(May 13, 2013)


Me visiting with a little kitten at the Northeast Ohio SPCA. They have alot of little kittens there right now.
(May 31, 2013)


This puppy was very lucky today. She got adopted by my uncle and his family. They have been looking for just the right puppy for their family for months! Adopted from the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

(May 31, 2013)


Me visiting with Mary and some of the cats at The Cat Crossing.
(June 13, 2013)


Me with some donations for The Cat Crossing.

(June 13, 2013)


We have new friends all the way in Wisconsin.
(June 26, 2013)


Thank you to Gayle and CeCe from The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery for making and sending all these treats to be donated to shelter animals in northeast Ohio.


(June 26, 2013)


All the great things they donated to Blankets Fur Beasties!


(June 26, 2013)


Thank you to The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery for the special treats for Jaxon and Rio too. Jaxon doesn't want to pose. He just wants the treats.


(June 26, 2013)


Rio thinks the shelter dogs will love their treats too!


(June 26, 2013)


Me with donations for The City of Cleveland Kennel. I took all the cookies from The Lovin Oven Pet Bakery to the dogs at this shelter too.
(July 3, 2013)


I wish Cleveland had enough money to build a new shelter and to have a vet that works there too.
(July 3, 2013)


Me visiting with a young pit bull type dog at the City of Cleveland kennel.
(July 3, 2013)


We saw this poor senior dog at the kennel too, and were really worried she wouldn't have a chance to get rescued. My mom posted a picture of her online, and on her LAST day (July9) she was rescued by a nice lady! She will be in her new home in portsmouth, Ohio this Saturday. I'm so happy! I wish all the dogs here could be this lucky too.


My family found out about a great grooming tool called the FURminator when we took Rio to her vet appointment a few weeks ago. We got one for our dogs and they love to be brushed with it. It really works!
(Aug.1, 2013)


I wrote to United Pet Group to see if they could send some FURminator products to Blankets Fur Beasties so we could take them to the shelters. They were so nice to send all of these!


(Aug. 1, 2013)


Thank you to my great contact person, Tony Nista, and to United Pet Group ( for your donations! You always help Blankets Fur Beasties whenever we ask.


(Aug. 1, 2013)


Thank you Girl Scout Troop #403 from Shaker Heights, Ohio for collecting lots of towels, sheets and blankets to help Blankets Fur Beasties help the shelter animals. You guys ROCK!

(Aug 2, 2013)


Thank you to Holly Justice from for sending me these great bowls. I wrote and asked her if she had any heavy bowls so that dogs would have a hard time flipping them over and making a mess in their shelter cages. I know just the shelter I'm taking these to. THANKS HOLLY!
(Aug. 14, 2013)


This is a special donation I did for Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio. ( I sponsored 3 of the hens they rescued from the big rescue in California, and sent ginger snaps for some of their animals. (Sept.7, 2013)


Me with some donations for the Northeast Ohio SPCA. (Sept. 8, 2013)


This bag of dog food is kind of heavy. It's 35 pounds! (Sept. 8, 2013)


A cute little kitten named Casper at the Northeast Ohio SPCA. (Sept. 8, 2013)


This sweet girl, Amy, was rescued from West Virginia and has been at the Northeast Ohio SPCA since August 18. But don't feel bad for her. My grandma adopted her! (Sept. 8, 2013)


Amy has a new name JENNY, and a great forever home! Thanks Grandma! Please adopt a shelter or rescue pet and save a precious life. (Sept. 8, 2013)


Me with some donations for Stay-A-While cat shelter.
(Sept.28, 2013)


All packed and ready to go.
(Sept.28, 2013)


Stay-A-While is almost all cageless. Here I am with Sammy.
(Sept.28, 2013)


Sitting out on one of the porches at Stay-A-While with Cody, Alena and Happy.
(Sept.28, 2013)


Petting Mits. There's so many nice cats at Stay-A-While cat shelter.
(Sept.28, 2013)


Here is some stuff for the City of Cleveland Kennel's donation drive.


Everything is packed up for the City of Cleveland kennel.


A cute dog at the City of Cleveland kennel.


The city of Cleveland is supposed to be building a new kennel. I hope they start soon because this one is so old. Here I am with some of the dogs.


A sad face at the City of Cleveland kennel.


A cute puppy in cage1 at the City of Cleveland kennel. I think she is a Rottweiler mix. She has no tail.


Our 68th shelter visit, on November 16, is in memory of my cat Louis. He passed away on November 12th.


Nov. 16, 2013. Me with some donations for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Nov. 16, 2013. Jaxon posing with the donations for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. That's the shelter we adopted him from in 2011


Nov. 16, 2013. Standing outside of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Nov. 16, 2013. This very smart and friendly dog has been at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter since July. I hope she doesn't have to wait too much longer to find a nice home. She is called BBQ at the shelter.


Nov. 16, 2013. Buckeye is also waiting to be adopted by a nice person. He is very friendly and playful. Come and see him at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Nov. 16, 2013. This cute dog in Cage 44 is patiently waiting to be adopted. Come to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Nov. 16, 2013. Angel is a friendly and very skinny hound mix girl who is also looking for a loving home. She lives in Cage 47 right now at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


Nov.16, 2013. This poor little Beagle girl was very sad sitting in cage 67 at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. She wagged her tail when I was talking to her. She deserves a great home.


Me getting a Christmas present ready for Stay-A-While cat shelter. Dec. 22, 2013.


Merry Christmas Stay-A-While cat shelter! Dec. 22, 2013.


Scratching Christie's chin at Stay-A-While cat shelter.


My selfie with Tiny Tim in the kitten room of Stay-A-While cat shelter. He is so precious! Dec. 22, 2013.DIV>


Hitchcock is Christie's brother. He is a little shy around people until he gets to know you. My family had him and Christie as foster kittens for about a month. I hope they find great homes soon. Dec. 22, 2013